How to Find Estate Sales in Your Area

Finding for estate sales can be tricky sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to begin, in the first place. In this blog post, we will tell you a number of ways to get a better chance of finding the best estate sales to attend. 

Check Estate Sale Listing Websites

Checking online estate sale listing is probably the easiest and the most popular way of searching for estate sales. There are available estate sale listing sites online where you can find different sales in one location. These websites are designed to help customers get information about the estate sale, such as where it is going to happen and what kind of things you can see in the deal.

Each site has its unique way of organizing the results, so don’t hesitate to try a few before you decide which one suits you best. You may enter on the search bar the keywords “estate sale listing sites” to maximize your search.

Check Local Classifieds for Estate Sales

Although this way is not as popular as it used to be, it is still one great way to find an estate sale. Estate sales, typically the small-scale ones, will be posted in the local classified. If you don’t want too much crowd, this can be the best option for you because often, these sales are less visited. Meaning, you have a greater chance at scoring a good find.

Follow Estate Sale Companies and Sign Up for Sale Alerts

This option is best for those who don’t have much time to spend looking for sales. When you sign up for sale alerts, you will be automatically notified when there are sales will take place near you.

Most listing sites give you the option to sign up for email alerts. Some listing sites will even let you follow the top company of your choice, so you will never miss a chance to shop whenever there is an estate sale near you.

Follow Estate Sale Companies on Social Media

We are now in the digital age where you can find anything online and (almost) everyone is on social media. Estate sales company use this to their advantage by posting announcements of their sales on different platforms. We highly recommend Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because they are the most popular media online. However, if we have a top pick, it would be Instagram because it is interesting to see the photos of the items on sale. It is also a good marketing strategy to attract potential buyers. Using social media is pretty easy and straightforward. You only need to search “estate sale” and the city you are located to get you started.

Choose a Style that Works for You

Even if you are busy, there is a way for you to look for the best estate sale near you. With the number of available options for you to find the estate sale that works for you, we are sure you will be successful in finding one.

We do hope these simple, yet useful tips can help you find that estate sale that you are looking for!

What Exactly is an Estate Sale

Estate sale- you might have heard of it from someone before, but you don’t exactly know what it is. Don’t worry because we are here to shed light on the basic question “What is an estate sale?”

An estate sale is selling most or everything found in a person’s house. Items are sold to the public with the desire to sell them in a short period and emptying the house by the time the sale ends. There are several reasons for holding an estate sale such as downsizing and retirement, the death of a family, relocation, divorce, and bankruptcy. Regardless of the reason for holding a sale, one thing is for sure. It is one of the fastest ways to declutter your house and generate much-needed income. There is not much preparation needed and fuss involved for the seller, and it is fun for buyers; that is why it is gaining popularity nowadays.

People often confuse an estate sale with a garage sale, and we get why. Are they the same thing? The answer is yes and no. Like a garage sale, you can see priced items and make negotiations, but you will be inside the house. Think of it as a garage sale on steroids. For an estate sale, almost everything you see inside the house is for sale which is not the case for a yard sale because you can only choose from the selected items on sale. There are usually more good deals in an estate sale than a yard sale, and there are a variety of items for sale.

If you are considering holding an estate sale, the first thing you should do is to look for an estate company to run your sale. Having a professional company such as San Diego Estate Sales to run your sale gives you confidence that your items are organized and priced at its maximum market value. You don’t have to get stressed out of advertising your sale and doing the inventory of your items because an estate company can help you with that. Your home will be arranged and staged to showcase all the items on sale with their appropriate prices. On the day of the sale, you don’t need to worry about anything because we will have a staff to handle the event, including cashiers, sales associates, and movers.

Now that you know the ABCs of an estate sale let’s now talk about how it works.

Look for an estate sale that you find interesting. Estate sales are usually advertised online on specific websites such as,, or Finding estate sales online is the most convenient, not to mention, the fastest way to search for the best estate sales near you. But you can also see advertisements in local papers as well as on Craigslist. You can even subscribe to an email list of an estate company so that you can be notified first-hand whenever they hold sales.

We encourage you to come early to the sale site so you can have more items to choose from before someone purchases them. You may need to line up outside the house before the sale begins or the company can hand out numbers an hour before the sale. When the sale starts, the doors are opened to everyone, and the estate sale company makes sure everyone gets a chance to look around while making sure the house is not too crowded.

When you are inside the house, look around for things that you want to buy. You might be surprised to see treasures in the form of antiques, jewelry, or clothing. There may be rooms with “Do Not Enter” signs because they are full of items not for sale, or the owner of the house is still using it. Always follow the rules and obey the signs.

Once you find something you like, keep it with you or someone else might buy it before you do. You can see most, or all of the items are priced or marked with “Not for Sale.” If you don’t see a price for an item you like, you can simply ask the sales associate, and he will be able to help you. When you want to buy a large item such as furniture, request assistance from the sales associate because an estate sales company may have different systems regarding large items sale. You can be asked to pay at the cashier, and you will be given a ticket, and the item will be marked sold. You don’t have to worry about moving large items to your car or a truck because we have movers who will do it for you.

The fun part of estate sales can negotiate a deal. It never hurts to ask if you see an item you like but is not within your means. You might just be able to get the deal for the amount you offered.

Overall, the estate sale experience is something to look forward to because you might just find the item you’ve been searching for years!