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Trinity Estate Sales San Diego will handle all your estate sale and property liquidation needs. We will begin our great service by meeting with you to determine your goals and needs. Our team will look into the property that you want to liquidate and decide its market value. Throughout this process, you will be there with us, so you will have your input, especially with deciding on the market prices that you deem desirable. We will decide on the final pricing details that are considered in the market and fair to you. Even before the day of the estate sale, we will already post your sale on our website, so we can get to a broader audience to acquire buyers. Aside from this, we can also place an ad for your sale online or have it published in the local papers, special estate sale communities and groups, and send it through our mailing list contacts. Using all these approaches, we can achieve maximum results and higher buyer turn-out. During the estate sale, your property will be marketed in such a way people will notice it and turn it into a sure sale.

As an asset liquidator, we know how important professionalism and integrity is. Clients will not want to work with anyone with a bad reputation, so we have been working on our best accord to keep the good record we have with our clients. Our positive reviews have drawn clients in the past years. We promise our clients professional-looking signage, advertising, and pricing methods that work for their best. Throughout the business, our staffs will assist you and gladly answer your questions to keep everything in order before, during, and after your sale.

We can assure you that everything will be handled well by our professional staff members. We will render the kind of service that you want and deserve. We will put our best foot forward to meet and even exceed your expectations. Our company will deal with you and your property with the utmost respect and integrity.

About Us

Trinity Estate Sale, San Diego is a family-owned business based in San Diego. Our humble business was established by our father and we have been in the industry of estate sales for more than two decades now. We take pride in our great customer service. Aside from selling the property, we also render services in selling and restoring antiques.

You can be sure that your property and important items will be properly handled and cared for. We will set the right pricing to your sale to ensure that you get the best out of your valued possession. We understand that these items mean a lot to you and they were once a great part of your household that is why we will treat them as you do. We will find people who will give the same importance to your 

property just how you did.  From the beginning until the end of our transaction, you will not have to stress yourself on anything because we have everything under control. We know that you may need to attend to other equally important things; you can count on us to handle your estate sale.

We Prioritize You, From Estimate to Estate Sale

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Professionalism- we show up with our best foot forward. Years of experience in the industry and customer service can assure you that we will be able to clearly communicate with you and the target audience for your sale. You can be confident that your items and estate will be carefully handled by skilled people. We will come on time during our meetings and we will make sure that your items are taken care of until the day your item has been sold.

Security- this is very important to us because we want to make sure all items are secured and theft is prevented. We have strategically placed the entrance/exit to make sure all items have been accounted for. We want you to feel secure that your items are in good hands.

Strategy- we know how to negotiate, not only with you but also to prospective buyers. Giving discounts can be good to acquire buyers and ensure that your sale will be sold at a fair price.

Sales options- there may be some items that will appeal to a specific group of audience. Some examples would be antique collectibles and rare items. These items can be sold online through auctions such as eBay. Placing these items in an online sale will allow more audience to consider the item and can most of the time result in faster and more desirable turn-out. Although we can be open to haggling and bidding, we can assure you that your estate or item will not be sold at a price that is below its worth. We will attract buyers by posting flyers on special items. We will include information such as item condition, price comparison, the age of the item, and other valuable information that can impact the cost of the sale. We can also put up a bidding box that people can use to place bids on items they can’t buy. If nobody buys it, we can negotiate with them after the sale.


Integrity- this is the core value we employ in our business. Honesty and integrity are the values we incorporate every time we deal with a client or a buyer. You can ask our previous clients about the honest service we rendered. We will have a complete inventory of your items along with the sale price and the proceeds, which will be given after 5-7 days of the close of your sale. From day one until the last day of our transaction, we will be transparent with our dealings.

Advertising- typically, estate sales company utilizes sites such as Craigslist, Facebook, local newspapers and classifieds, and emails. We do use these platforms, but we also take advantage of modern technology by advertising on,, and Social media platforms such as Google, Twitter, and Instagram are also great for advertisement.

Timing- for most estate sale companies, they hold their sales on a weekday. However, we prefer doing it on a weekend because most people are at work and hold 9-5 day jobs on a weekday. That is why we recommend holding your estate sale on a Saturday or a Sunday. If this works for you, then we will gladly do it on a weekend, but if you prefer it done on a workday, we can also do it for you. You will have the final decision on this aspect, we will just give you recommendations.

Professional Photography- visuals are important to attract buyers, especially if you are going to post them online or in a written ad. We have professional photographers who will take photos of your items to post on our website. People will be more interested in buying an item or property that looks presentable and pleasing.

Straightforward Pricing- there is a number of pricing methods available. We can discuss this in our initial meeting and you can decide which one best fits your needs.

What is an Estate Sale?

Picture of a green leather chair in a hallway against the wood paneling for an estate sale in San Diego, CAAn Estate Sale, which is also known as a Tag Sale in other parts of the U.S., is the process of liquidating a family’s property or items. They are more than the typical yard or garage sales. Estate Sales usually happen when the family is moving, downsizing, or because of a divorce, bankruptcy, or death. The home will be opened to the public to get a chance to buy items that are on sale. Estate Auctions, on the other hand, is where everything is auctioned instead of having a fixed price

There can be a number of ways to run an Estate Sale. You can mark the item “sold” if it is too large for you to carry with you. Some items can be opened for bids if no one bought it for its market price. However, you might lose your chance of buying the item if anyone buys it for its marked price before the bidding starts. Bidding usually happens by the end of sale.

Most estate sale companies, they employ the First Come, First Served method. People will usually line up at the entrance of the home. People are very much familiar with this method, but there are still some who feel entitled to the first spot.

In addition, Estate Sale Etiquette is also a thing. For other companies, they use a Number System, and they typically have special rules and considerations regarding this policy, so make sure that you speak to them about their rules. For some companies, they use the Self Start Number System. However, this method can invite abuse and can be disorganized. Companies who use this method employ this with strict policies being considered.

Sign-up Sheets is virtually similar to self-start numbering. It can be as vulnerable to abuse self-start numbering, so be careful when using this method. Other companies let everyone line up and enter the sale, while others have limited access.

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